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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 15, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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why are people more concerned. to the 1st. plane. the the plane. this is a couple of years live from the fury at america's 1st restrictive abortion back. in the u.s. state of alabama protesting against new legislation that criminalizes abortion almost all circumstances. they want to overturn women's reproductive rights across the country to hear from one of the bill's supporters also on the program. position
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to greet us 3 year transition to democracy and civilian governments has been one of the protesters came. the fall from the former president omar al bashir last. surrogacy business grandmother supplied thousands of euros for couples to do. welcome to the program. pro-choice groups in the united states have been protesting after lawmakers in the state of alabama approve the country's toughest abortion law the state senate voted $25.00 to $6.00 to outlaw abortion at any point on that any circumstances including right but incest there is an exception if the mother's life is in danger the controversial bill will not go to the state governor for signature
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. emotions were running high both outside the alabama legislature with pro-choice activists rallying against the bill and inside the state senate where lawmakers in gauged in fierce debate about why you all want to control our bodies. were never ever know and i know that many of you have daughters mr wagner republican senators say this isn't a by alabama's abortion law they want to see abortion banned metion white. what this bill is designed to do is to go to the supreme court and challenge particular precedents that say in 1973 that abortion is illegal. essentially any time anywhere for any reason the bill bans abortions at every stage
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of pregnancy unless a woman's life is in danger an amendment to allow exceptions in cases of rape and incest was about to die doctors performing procedure could face up to 99 years in jail it's the latest in a wave of attempts by states to impose new abortion restrictions last week georgia governor brian kemp followed kentucky mississippi and ohio signing a bill that criminalizes abortions after 6 weeks. with republicans in control of most state legislatures and an increasingly conservative judiciary pro-choice activists face an uphill battle to maintain abortion rights one nearly 50 years ago . as a from one of the bill supporters jonathan alexander represents a u.s. national pro-life center he joins us from washington welcome to day it must be feeling very pleased with this decision thank you for having me i think it's a decision that reflects the citizens of alabama asking and answering the question
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what does life begin in the life begins at conception what legal steps need to be done to protect that life and when critics say that you are effectively with this bill trying to. significantly limits women's rights to tell me how do you respond. well there is 2 patients there during an abortion procedure 2 patients there what a woman availed herself to the procedure of an abortion and now we have a law in alabama that recognizes that there is a life in the womb that the life they began at conception also deserves legal protection it's a young girl inside of that womb and that young girl's demands and shall receive under the alabama law that legal protection so that life can be carried to term and the birth into this world and you see the difference whether the pregnancy happens because of rape or incest once again we focus on the fact that there is
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a life inside of the womb you know it's atrocious as the circumstances leading to that life being produced are we certainly do not want to try to right that wrong and we can't remedy that wrong by punishing the innocent child that comes to birth as a result of even as atrocious as that wrong will be the alabama law does recognize as technology and science has led us to understand that there is in fact a life in that room at conception at conception and the alabama law does well to protect that life so will this legislation old so provide support for mothers who find themselves forced to have children they cannot and don't want to support. you know that's certainly a question that we can answer and that's certainly what the alabama legislature will intend to do we have adoption services you know the backlog on adoptions in alabama are very long and large but there are at the same time many willing
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families that are able and willing to adopt that child into their life or social services will be called on to intervene when that life is actually brought into this world but make no mistake it is a life in the womb and the alabama legislature simply asked and answered the question of what do we do if there is an innocent life there and i think the answer of the right way and protecting that life so you talk about looking after the baby what is it as is the what about the mother the mother who perhaps has been children sized by being bright who then has to carry that child to ok the child is given up for adoption does this legislation. contain provisions to look after the mother. you know the the alabama legislature wanted to answer the question i think the 1973 decision and roe v wade failed to critically determine science maybe wasn't available at the time what do we do for that life
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that is if you give me i'm going to sort of year i asked you for the 1st time what provisions being made for the mother in the circumstances. certainly there can be compassionate caring solutions that alabama legislature religious leaders all across the country can come in and intervene in order to help that mother but finds herself in that very difficult situation the united states has 21 facilities that enable and help women's health that don't perform abortions and ok number again in other words there is really just question because time is tight you say there can be provision but as far as you're aware there is no provision in this legislation to look after mothers in this who are forced to carry a child to your your this legislation is all about the baby and ignores the mother
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while it pays its hunches of the baby conference what. did in 1903 for one of the 1st times in the country we were focusing on that child in the womb recognizing that science and technology is indisputable to understand the fact that there is a child alive now inside of the womb and what protections or legal rights that child has within the woman so the focus of this bill certainly is on the child it will make its way hopefully up to the supreme court where we can revisit roe v wade and place into law places other jewish prudence of the united states understanding that science and technology has been clear about that there is in fact a life in the womb that life ought to be protected there ought to be legal. against an individual that seeks to terminate that life and that's why the law targets abortion providers it does not. i think we will be understanding of what it was that is again so it's sort of hidden i think with a national pro-life stance and thank you so much thank you for having me.
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we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the u.s. state department has ordered all non-emergency government staff to leave iraq pull out of a staff of the u.s. embassy in baghdad on the consulate in the below a capital of iraq's kurdish region last week washington said it had to detective substantive threats from iran and its proxy forces targeting americans and usa interests in both areas. clashes have broken out between the palestinian demonstrators and israeli soldiers along with the border of the gaza strip and israel skirmishes have taken the place of rallies for and not a bad day when palestinians the creation of the state of israel in 1948. 8 migrant children have joined pope francis for a ride around peter's square in his favor spoke with the children who arrived in italy only recently are being hosted at a catholic shelter near rome and forbes if it is an outspoken advocate for
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solidarity towards migrants and those on society's margins. sedans military leaders have reached a power sharing agreement with opposition groups the deal allows for a fully civilian government after a 3 year transition period the military seized power last month after toppling longtime president obama basheer the protests that led to his downfall have continued with demonstrators demanding that the generals give power to the people. a step toward civilian government yes or the member of the military council announced a power sharing agreement with civil society groups foremost among them the declaration of freedom and change forces or d f c f an opposition bloc headed by madani us. and. there will be 3 power structures and executive council shaped in agreement with the military council and the d f c f a ministerial council and
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a legislative council. make nice. both sides agreed that nearly 70 percent of the parliamentary seats would go to the d f c f. the rest to other political groups. it has also been agreed that the transitional period should last 3 years. after that the agreement foresees a lections for a parliament and government building blocks towards a civil society. crying with the country's struggling economy and weak rule of law have led to an increase and the number of women becoming parents surrogate mothers the practice is being outlawed in an increasing number of countries but ukraine is one of the 20th number where it's legal for foreign couples to pay women to carry implied to the devolution economy the polls.
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robert reus whenever the baby moves i speak to it at night when i read my children stories it's for the baby to the. cause of. the talia is 8 months pregnant it's a girl but it's not hers the tahlia is a surrogate the baby's parents live in germany. it's such a happy moment when you hold your baby in your arms for the 1st time i'll be happy for them. to tell his own children only with her for the day for the final months of the pregnancy she's moved to be closer to the clinic and hard to. natalia took the decision to become a surrogate to help family finances so that her kids would have it better she tells us her partner earns just 200 euros a month working full time. this clinic on the outskirts of hard to attract childless couples from around the world among them the german couple whose daughter
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natalia is carrying they were unwilling to be interviewed even anonymously the fear of being recognised is just too great. it's a different story with this woman from germany we're calling her and she's in her early forty's and has 6 failed attempts to get pregnant by idea behind her adoption wasn't something she has been willing to consider so sorry an exile donation was the only option remaining. a procedure that's illegal in germany ana says that is pure hypocrisy. surrogacy is illegal in germany but you see celebrities and those who can afford it doing it all the same it's when you get back to germany that social services treat you like a criminal. surrogacy is big business and one that's growing in this clinic and of couples pay upwards of 30000 euros for
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a package i think glued to the surrogacy and egg cell donation there are no official statistics but insiders estimate that many hundreds of children are born to surrogates every year in ukraine. it's a month since we last met natalia now she's back with her partner and children the child she carried for the past 9 months has been with its new german family since it was born. there all the day it was a bit confusing emotionally after the baby was born on the one hand you understand that it's not your baby but you still want to know everything about it you've carried that child for 9 months but i wouldn't call it a maternal instinct you feel very clearly that it's not your. the baby's new parents say they want to stay in touch with the talia but what does natalia take from it would she do it again for now she won't rule it out but one thing is clear
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the demand is there and it's growing. steadily news coming up but next in business africa how to keep alive so in uganda governments hostile the bright idea it wants to find utilities for blockers. the church will top story on in just a moment we'll have more news at the top of the hour and of course you can get everything around the clock on the website a c w dot com a good. link to use from africa and the world join us on facebook. for. an action packed life. anything is possible as long
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as our coffee and his friends can drink. this movie.


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